You can find on this page the Munich bike map to print and to download in PDF. The Munich bicycle map presents the bike routes and lanes of Munich in Bavaria - Germany.

Munich bike lane map

Map of Munich bike lanes

The Munich bike lane map shows all the bike routes of Munich. This bicycles lanes map of Munich will allow you to easily plan your routes with a bike in Munich in Bavaria - Germany. The Munich bike lanes map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

With its approx. 1.200 kilometres of marked bike lanes and some 22,000 bike stands, Munich infrastructure is first-rate. In Munich, biking and public transport are a great combination. At underground and S-Bahn stops, you will find numerous parking spaces for bikes. In addition, there is a Bicycle Day Pass that allows you to use any S-Bahn and underground as well as certain regional trains at the times indicated. Cyclist are allowed to ride side by side unless this poses dangerous situations. The maximum speedlimit on these bike lanes is 20 km per hour as its mentioned in Munich bike lane map. Children under the age of 8 must use the side walk and are not allowed to use the bike lanes. Munich lies about halfway between the source and the mouth of the River Isar, so the Isar Cycle Path can be followed for about 150 kilometers (90 miles) in either direction. As it runs along the river, It is mostly flat and passes pretty towns, historical castles and idyllic nature reserves.

Radlring Munich route circles the surrounding area of the city, can be joined at any point and is easily reached by metro and train services from Munich. Dachau to Ismaning might be considered a castle tour, Ismaning to Haar take you past two wonderful lakes ideal for swimming. The southern stretch Neubiberg to Gauting is characterized by streams and the landscape park Hachinger Tal, and Germering to Olching follows in the footsteps of the Romans - there are museums and archaeological finds on the way - and takes you up Germannsberg for a wonderful view of the valley below. Each stretch is 25 - 38 kilometers (15 - 23 miles) long and offers plenty of opportunities to stop for a bite to eat or a dose of culture and history. The Mangfall cycle lane is a 60 kilometers (37 miles) long route out of Munich with incredible scenery as you can see in Munich bike lane map. Get ready to be wowed at Dürrnhaar, where the most picturesque stretch takes you through the meadows and forests of Mangfall valley and finishes in Rosenheim, a charming old town.

The M-Wasserweg (M-waterway) is a themed bike lane to Lake Tegernsee. On its 68 kilometers (42 miles) as its shown in Munich bike lane map, it passes various significant stations connected to the drinking water supplies of Munich - and signs along the way explain the journey of the water into the city. The hilly route can be a bit of a challenge even without the optional detour to the top of nearby Taubenberg. With its proximity to Munich and Alpine peaks in the distance, Lake Starnberg is the perfect destination and can be reached by metro or train from the city center. Then follow the bike path circling the lake - it is a distance of about 50 kilometers (30 miles).