You can find on this page the walking Munich map to print and to download in PDF. The Munich walking tour map presents the best itineraries to discover all the iconic landmarks of Munich in Bavaria - Germany.

Munich walking tour map

Map of Munich walking tours

The Munich walking map shows all the walking routes to visit the monuments of Munich. This walk map of Munich will allow you to easily plan your walking tours through the streets of Munich in Bavaria - Germany. The walking map of Munich is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Delve into Munich dark past and the birth of the Nazi ideology on a revealing 2.5-hour city walking tour. Led by a knowledgeable guide, discover the sites that provided backdrops to Adolf Hitler and his followers as they set about founding the Third Reich, giving Munich its title as the Capital of the Nazi Movement. See beer-halls where Nazi brown shirts first gathered, buildings from where Hitler delivered speeches, and memorials to opposers of the movement, all as your guide charts the events that saw Hitler take power in 1933. 2.5-hour Munich and the Third Reich walking tour with an expert guide. Learn how Munich saw the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in the 1920s and 1930s. See streets and buildings where Hitler fought his way to power and gave speeches. View beer-halls where Nazi fanatics gathered and sites linked to the 1938 anti-Semitic pogrom of Kristallnacht. Visit memorials to those who died opposing the hate-filled Nazi ideology as its shown in Munich walking tour map. Hear about the Nazi propaganda machine and lead-up to World War II from an informed guide. Small-group tour with max 15 people.

Take a 2-hour walking tour of Munich to discover one of the darkest moments in the city history, learning of the birth of Nazism, the rise of Hitler, and the infamous Third Reich. In 1919, Germany was emerging from World War I as a defeated and humiliated nation, with Munich in the grips of hyperinflation and Bavaria dominated by revolution and assassination. Out of this fertile soil of chaos rose the Nazi movement, and one of history most powerful dictators, Adolf Hitler. Follow the inception of Nazism, from the first mass meeting at the Hofbräuhaus to the failed attempt to seize power at the Feldherrenhalle. You will go to the site of party rallies at Königsplatz, and stop in the Hofgarten to talk about The White Rose Resistance Movement. The tour covers all the important facts and sites that played a role in the origin of this dark chapter, which ended with the beautiful city of Munich in ruins and the second world war cutting deep wounds across Deutschland as you can see in Munich walking tour map.

Spend time enjoying Bavarian brewing culture on this guided beer and food evening tour. An included private tour of the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum—one of Munich most historical buildings—sets this tour apart from other beer crawls. Visit beer gardens, beer halls, and the Hofbrauhaus with a guide. The walking tour includes beer and food samples for a hassle-free experience as its mentioned in Munich walking tour map. Head toward Munich Central Station to meet your guide and begin your tour. Take part in an exclusive tour of the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, housed in one of Munich most historic buildings. Learn about Bavaria time-honored beer brewing techniques and traditions. Listen to stories about ancient tribal Hausfrauen brew-women, monastic breweries of the Middle Ages, and the revered Reinheitsgebot. Head to a traditional Bavarian beer garden, where you’ll sample beer and German snacks, including pretzels, spaetzle, veal sausage, mustard-smothered weisswurst, and roast pork.